Two production technologies to offer quality, efficiency and innovation

In Italy we are the only manufacturer producing bolts in both hot and cold forging. Two technologies which allow VSP to overcome the actual market standards and grant quality, flexibility and competitiveness.

Our know-how has been developed every day helping our customers to solve critical situations in different field of applications. A day by day innovation driving us to change and improve our processes in order to really offer…. High Performance Solutions.

The continuous technical development grants an important product improvement which fits very well with the highest performances in term of:

  • Product dimensions and geometry
  • Raw material performances and heat treatment control
  • Innovative surface treatments

VSP workers have been developed a great experience in both technologies, offering therefore a quick and accurate customer service.

Hot forging

Hot forging

Producing above the standards

A technology with a very traditional background, still considered the best in term of production flexibility. The hot forging, at VSP since the beginning, enable us to produce bolts according to very unique specifications, extra lengths and diameters up to M80. A service also available for small batches and special bolts, granting very tight lead times and an excellent quality. We are experts, please ask more.

Cold forging

Cold forging

Fast Quality Products

The cold forging process allows to produce bolts starting from the rod, through the plastic deformation of the steel under multi-station presses. A powerful, quick and precise process where we can produce fasteners from M12 to M36, keeping under control the costs, but at the same time offering a very competitive quality level. We are ready to do our best, right away.

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Headquarter & Production

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VSP USA Sales Office

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